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All Peugeot part numbers are 6-digit numbers. (Traditionally there was a full stop (period) after the fourth digit, but we now omit the dot in our lists to make searching easier.)

Each area of the car's breakdown has a pattern in the part number used for a particular spare part. All part  numbers starting with  0 (zero)  relate to the engine component; other digits are:

  1. to lubrication, cooling, carburation, fuel supply, exhausts, engine mountings and diesel parts
  2. to clutch, clutch hydraulics, gearbox, gear change, propshaft
  3. to differential, front hubs, front suspension
  4. to steering, brakes, brake hydraulics
  5. to front & rear suspension wheels, alternator, starter motor, ignition
  6. to instrumentation, lighting, switch gear, wipers, heating & ventilation, air con, all nuts, bolts
  7. to body panel
  8. to interior, rear wings, tailgate, seat belts, glass
  9. to doors and door fittings, glass, sills

You can view our stock list on the 'Stock List' option near the bottom of the menu on the left.

(Please note that there are now almost 31,000 items in the list, so please be patient while it downloads!)

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